Match Report for 16/12/2004

Dragons 1st 1 V 4 Chester Rugby 3rd (Home)

There was table topping, derby drama at Wrexham Road on Thursday, which turned out to be something of a tragedy for Dragons!!

First up Dragons stalwart Chris van Wyk had the unenviable task of taking on the unorthodox mass that is Craig 'Goalkeeping Hoodlum' Chadwick! Gifting Craig a 2-0 start is not ideal but Chris then turned the tables to level at 2-2, but ran out of steam in the fifth, probably due to his earlier efforts rather than using excess energy running around his 'larger than life' opponent.

Next another absentee from weightwatchers took to the court when Steve Whittam was primed to teach Al Holl a lesson. Unfortunately that lesson was not at squash as Al totally battered him to within 'an inch of his waist'..2-0 to the Rugby Club.

It fell to Philip Noble to save the match, and in a 9-2 trouncing of Dragons old boy Tricky Ricky Popplewell in the first game, this looked on the cards. But Rick dug in and took the next two games in a frenetic encounter which could have gone either way..could Phil respond. NO!!! was the deafening reply, playing like a man with the squash know how of Eric Bristow and the fitness of Pavarotti, he was stuffed 9-0, to hand the match to the Rugby Club!!

Obviously skipper Brian Meehan was gutted by the evening's proceedings thus turning in a performance worthy of the afore-mentioned final game by Philip Noble, to be well and truly 'dungered' 3-0, leaving Peter Lee to carry on more of the same. However after an awful capitulation in the first game, Peter found at least Dave Phillips was in a festive mood, and, coupled with his own improved play, ran away to a comfortable 3-1 win, prompting the rest of the Dragons team to question why they couldn't play Dave as well!! Oh well, fourth place at the half way stage isn't too bad, so merry Christmas to one and all!!

Dragons 2nd 3 V 2 Cheshire Oaks 2nd (Away)

No Report

Dragons 3rd 4 or 3 V 1 or 2 Heswall 6th (Home)

Some apparent confusion here .. there were definitely 3-0 wins for Ian Kerrod and John Partridge, a 3-1 for Dragons youth policy Steve Mcmahon, and definitely a 3-2 defeat by a young lady for alleged team pin-up, Mark Bryant (what's going on there then??), however there appears to be some confusion over the Tony Elliot / Tony Marks match. Perhaps someone couldn't tell Tony from Tony, however the scorecard had Tony Marks as a 3-2 winner for Heswall, but Tony Elliot, via nefarious methods, has informed this column that he was the 3-2 victor!! Sort that one out you squash authorities!!



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