Match Report for 24/2/2005

No first team match

Dragons 2nd 2 v 3 Village Bromborough 1st

After last weeks shock 5-0 home defeat at the hands of Deeside, Captain Shan Morris gave Dragons 2 a much needed shake up for the match against top spotters Village Bromborough. Back in was Andy Butters, Pete Nickson still looking for that elusive form, and Lord Morris of Curzon, returned from his half termly winter recess at his Spanish palace.

First on was Pete Nickson against the very useful No 5 Alex Peers. Pete got of to his usual start by losing 9-0, mesmerised by his opponent's deceptive guile. However, he rallied in the second to have a couple of match points but unluckily went down 10-9. Could there be some light at the end of this dark tunnel? - Alas no, Alex took the third 9-4 for the tie. For Pete it was business as usual.

Next came Andy Butters v Bill Medlicott at No 2. Andy got off to a fine start winning the first 9-3, but then Bill came back strongly to level it 9-5. Andy then piled on the pressure to secure a 9-1 win in the next game - things were looking good! However, Bill had now weighed up Andy's headless chicken style and spread him about the court to take the next 2 games 9-6, 9-6. Dragons 2 ties down.

Saviour came in the form of young David Jacks playing at 4. He walloped the perennial Mike Collier in 3 games, 9-7, 9-4, 10-8 with his relaxed style on court.

No 1 Big Bernie Spaven stepped up for his return tie against Dave Jones. Mark was obviously still smarting form the home match against Dave, and he proceeded to put the record straight immediately with a 9-7 win. Dave appeared to be firing on only 3, so Mark took advantage and finished him off 9-0, 9-4 to level the match 2-2.

All eyes were now on Lord Morris as he came on court to play the hirsute Lester Smythe at 3. Expectations were high for the Lord who looked very relaxed after his break. Too relaxed it seemed - and probably too much sangria - he was demolished for a total of 5 points 9-3, 9-1, 9-1, for once eclipsing Pete Nickson's record!

A 14-8 loss for Dragons, but nevertheless respectable against worthy opponents.

Match Report Dragons 3 v Heswall 7

Unfortunately Heswall 7 did not turn up. There was a hint that this might happen in the away game when they had to pull someone's mum out of the crowd to make up the numbers. Nevertheless we had a jolly good night playing amongst ourselves on two courts - what a luxury.

I must say I did rather well, beating all comers and not dropping a game at all on the night. First up was Tricky Little Tony Elliot. Sadly Tony does not respond well to balls hit at pace, especially if they are aimed at him. Tough luck Tony 3-0. Next up was young Steve. Bye Steve, another 3-0. Andy Baird, no trouble at all yet another magnificent 3-0. Keep to that free diving Andy - you don't have to dig so deep. Sadly I was on my way to the changing room when Mark finally pitched up, otherwise I would have completed a glorious whitewash of the rest of the team. It's only a pity Partridge wasn't there.

Ed Heaver - remember the name!



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