Match Report for 3/3/2005

Dragons 1st 4 V 1 Phoenix 1st (Home)

Dragons entertained Phoenix 1st in a derby day encounter and happily gained revenge for the narrow defeat at Wrexham.

First on Chris van Wyk , although not at his fluent best made a solid start with a super speedy 3-0 win over Craig Stevens.

Meanwhile Peter Lee, seemingly back to his tip-top best, avenged his 3-0 battering at Wrexham by Gary Fisher, to comprehensively return a 'double-battering' to Gary, 3-0, much to his, and the team's satisfaction.

Skipper Brian Meehan then entertained Kevin Jones and turned in a sterling if not earth shattering display, generously donating a game to his opponent into the bargain to run out 3-1 winner.

Phillip Noble was the team's banker, being lethal of racquet over the past number of weeks, and also being keen to avenge the defeat inflicted upon him by Karl Livingston at Wrexham. However things didn't look too rosy with Karl taking the first game, but a muscle pull inn the second game saved Phillip's bacon, as Karl had to retire, although Mr Noble reckoned he was just starting his comeback!!

The virtually unbeatable Giles Cook stepped on court, refresh from a skiing break, and promptly got beaten to a proverbial pulp!! Looking to make a clean sweep Giles was quickly 1-0 down but recovering to 2-1 up, confidence was high that he would close out the match, however he played like a 'clapped out old duffer' to slump to a 3-2 battering.. must do better!

Dragons 2nd 3 V 2 Whitby 1st (Away)

Dragons 2 travelled to Ellesmere Port to face Whitby for this weeks fixture. With Lord Morris axed after his dismal performance last week, Godfrey Angove was recalled in an attempt to provide stability. Godfrey was first up against the ambidextrous Jeff Dodds and Godfrey struggled in his search for his opponents backhand! After going down 4-9, 3-9 in the opening games Godfrey was taken aside by his team mates who explained that he didn't have one - this information seemed to stick and he rallied to take the third 10-8. However, Godfrey's confusion reigned to see him lose 9-6 in the fourth.

Pete Nickson then came on to face Colin Richards in fifth spot. Pete was obviously feeling buoyant after his run out last week and offered an immaculate display of lobs and drops, peppered with the occasional unplayable serve to see Colin off 9-6, 9-1, 9-1.

Young David Jacks stepped up as third string versus the perennial Graham Siggs. Graham knows his home court well and proceeded to play his patient lobbing game to take the first two games 9-6 and 9-7, clearly frustrating the youngster. Jacko found some inner strength (or was Siggsy tiring?) and managed a 9-0 reversal, but then Graham woke up to finish him off 9-6.

Andy Butters played Carl Griffiths at two , winning the first games 9-5, 9-5. Feeling comfortable he then had a little sleep to give Carl a consolation 10-9 win, only to follow up with a swift 9-4 victory to square the match at 2-2.

Big Bernie again faced Andy Hughes in the first string game. Perhaps feeling over confident after his compelling victory last week he lost the first game 9-0 with a display befitting a lower division. Wise words from acting captain Nickson saw him settle down to take the next game 9-4, only to go down 6-9 in the third. You could feel the tension on the gallery as further wise words (aka a @£?!£cking) straightened Bernie out. He then proceeded to play with his customary patience to frustrate Andy and finish him off 9-0, 9-4.

A good away win for Dragons, 16-9.

No 3rd team result



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