3rd team Match Report for 3/3/2005

Dragons 3rd 5 v 0 Neston 4

First on Ed Heaver cruised to his usual 3-0 victory after a slightly shaky start allowing his opponent to take 8 points in the first game.

Steve McMahon on the other court also allowed Barry Parsons to get 8 points in the first game. He then allowed him another 2 to give him the game. Steve kicked back with a 9-1 win in the next, followed by a 9-7. Things turned in Barry’s favour again for the 4th before Steve resumed control in the 5th to take a 3-2 win.

Ian Kerrod managed a 3-1 win against Andy Wallis to give the team an early victory.

Derek Napier was next on for a challenging match against at Joan Fahy. The contest swung both ways as they battled to out manoeuvre each other and the marker. However at 2-2 the match was looking even until Derek played a blinder and went for a shirt change. This obviously inimidated Joan enough to allow Derek a 9-0 sprint to victory!

Last on John Partridge made easy work of Brian Robson to take a 3-0 victory. Stick to the soccer Brian!

So another good score for the 3rds before next weeks big tussle against top placed Capenhurst.

Andy Wallis lost to Ian Kerrod 3-9 9-3 6-9 1-9
Barry Parsons lost to Steve McMahon 10-8 1-9 7-9 9-4 3-9
Graeme Rickman lost to Ed Heaver 8-10 4-9 6-9
Brian Robson lost to John Partridge 3-9 6-9 7-9
Joan Fahy lost to Derek Napier 9-7 8-10 9-5 4-9 0-9

Dragons won 20 points to 5



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