Match Report for 10/3/2005

Dragons 1st 4 V 0 (??) Octel 1st (Away)

Strange happenings at Octel this week with Dragons a healthly 4-0 up.

Things started smoothly with Giles Cook, who appears to be morphing into an 'Elvis looky-likey' - (available for wedding and bar-mitzvah's), although not at his best proving far too strong for Phil Birkett in a 3-0 win.

Meanwhile next door Steve Whittam and Ken Brown took part in arguably the worst game of squash seen at Octel since the days of the 'legendary' Aston Vaz!!! Steve apparently triumphed 3-2 but by then everyone else was fast asleep!!

Philip Noble and Brian Meehan took to adjacent courts at about the same time and both made whirlwind starts. Philip wielding his racket like a conductor's baton ran out a more than comfortable 3-0 winner, and collected all the fares on the No 32 to Birkenhead into the bargain! On the other hand skipper Meehan at 2-0 up and 6-0, obviously decided he needed more exercise and finally scraped a 3-2 win, 9-7 in the fifth!!

So at 4-0 up it remained to be seen if Peter Lee could complete the whitewash against Bernie Carr. Things didn't look too rosy for Peter at 2-0 down, but he fought his way back to 2-2 in a somewhat ill-tempered match. At 6-6 in the final game with all to play for, the marker had had enough of the arguments, profanity and general bad temper of the players and terminated the match! The players weren't aware of what was happening, but apparently the marker mentioned something about awarding the match to Bernie to the people watching, who knows?? One for the authorities to sort out!

Oh well, never a dull moment...except watching Mr Whittam!!

Dragons 2nd 3 V 2 Heswall 4th(Home)

Dragons 2 triumphed in a ding-dong tussle with Heswall at Wrexham Road.

There were excellent battles for John Morris and 'Godfrey' Angove, 2-3 and 3-2 respectively the outcome. No such trouble for current 'hot-shot' Andy Senior and 'Big Bernie' Spaven, both weighing in with 3-0 wins, leaving Andy Butters as the other duffbag losing out 3-2 in a late night encounter.

Dragons 3rd 3 V 2 Capenhurst 2nd (Home)

The third team take the plaudits this week just pinching a nail biting, table-topping encounter with Capenhurst to put the league title in their own hands with only 4 games remaining.

The hero's were Ian Kerrod 3-1, Steve Mcmahon 3-0 and Lucy Benbow 3-2, whilst the duffers who nearly cost their side any chance of the league title and would have unceremoniously been chucked out of the club on their earholes were, Mark Bryant 1-3, (should concentrate on his squash instead of mincing down the catwalk), and Ed Heaver 2-3 (at number 5??), (should concentrate on his squash instead of just mincing!!)



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