Match Report for 17/3/2004

Dragons 1st 3 V 2 Count Officers 2nd (Home)

A dong-dong derby restored faith in competitive squash at Wrexham Road on Thursday

Colin Elson returned with fire in his belly, which he used to devastating effect in a 3-0 trouncing of Trevor Jones, to set Dragons on the right road.

Steve Whittam furthered Colin's excellent work with a measured 3-0 victory over Dragons old boy, very old boy, the legendary Jack 'the daft hat' Frost!! It was pointed out to the Dragons management that further door widening work may be necessary if Mr Whittam continues his work abroad!

Meanwhile on an adjacent court Dragons hopes of an early victory were well founded with Giles Cook playing Graham Davies whom he had beaten, albeit narrowly, earlier in the season, and at 2-1 this looked good. However Giles has obviously been paying more attention to his 'boozing' duties than to his fitness regime, and he floundered like a gasping fish in the last two games losing 3-2 and seemingly winding down for the season!

If you thought Giles was bad, on to the court stepped normally reliable skipper Brian Meehan. His opponent Tony Puplett was obviously out to avenge his 3-2 defeat at Officers, and as such played like a demon who was here, there and everywhere, none of which disguised that fact that Meehan played like a hippo with a broken arm wearing a blindfold, and that would be doing the hippo a disservice!! You can probably gather that the outcome was a resounding 3-0 'dungering' for Meehan and revenge for Puplett.

So the match hinged on another rematch, the redoubtable Philip Noble against Tony Roberts, who had won the previous encounter 3-2 at Officers. The game wa ni and tuck with Tony forging ahead only for Philip come fight back and take the lead, before Tony levelled to make it winner takes all. And in the true Corinthian spirit Philip rose to the challenge to win the match 3-2 for both himself and Dragons..Hoorah!! So off into the sunset for an extended holiday, with and unbeaten second half of the season record, it is for Mr Noble.

Dragons 2nd 2 V 3 Octel 2nd (Home)

Dragons 2 travelled to Eastham to be entertained by Octel 2 with their excellent chinese takeaway to look forward to after the match.

First on was Andy Butters against captain Phil Hough, a name synonymous with squash at Octel. Andy quickly got into his stride with a 9-3 defeat with Phil seemingly playing at top form. Andy came back strongly in the second game and was in complete control when Phil suddenly rugby-tackled him from behind! This action clearly upset the Dragons man who promptly lost the game 10-9. After much complaining in the interval, Butters came back on, gave up, and was just pipped 9-1 for an inauspicious start to the evening.

Young David Jacks was next on against old -timer John Campbell. Jacko's youth shone through as he powered his way to two up, 9-6, 9-3, after which he took pity and let John in with 9-7 and 9-4 losses. This appeared to wake him up and normal service resumed for a 9-0 victory.

Pete Nickson came on at 5 to play against useful Tony McElvy. The first game saw tit-for-tat exchanges up to 7-7, then Pete was the victim of two poor stroke decisions to see him lose the first game. The next game developed similarly after Pete went 6-1 down, and his revival got him to 5 points after which he evaporated. In game 3 Tony was well on top with Pete playing his old mistake-ridden game to go down 9-0.

Big Bernie Spaven stepped up to Play Octel new boy Paul Lamb. Paul struggled to get 6 points in the first game, after which Mark was unmerciful in his dispatch of Paul for not a single extra point!

The stage was now set at 2-2 with Lord Morris of Curzon against Colin Roberts. With the Noble Lord facing at least 4 successive drubbings, was he about to stop the rot? The Lord took the first scrappy game 9-5 but then let Colin back in 9-3. Stirling work from Morris then put him ahead with a 9-7 victory only to suffer a relapse and give Colin the fourth 9-6. Was the Lord about to scupper his critics regarding his oft-mentioned retirement? Alas, no, the old man gave up the ghost for only 2 more points to lose the last game and the match for Dragons, 16-8. Dragons may yet still hang on to fifth position in the league but will need results from the last three games.

Predictably, the beer and chinese were excellent afterwards - take note Village Bromborough!!

Dragons 3rd 5 V 0 New Brighton 6th

Ed Heaver was first up against Dave White at no. 4. Despair from the gallery as he went 2-0 down to some Elliott-like awkward little boasts and drop shots. Never fear as Ed released a few of his customary evil stares to the marker to indicate it wasn’t over, and it certainly wasn’t as he fought back to a 3-2 win.

Meanwhile Tony Elliott in one of his rare outings for the team this season took firm control of his game to deliver a 3-0 win, and remind everyone that he’s still a force to be reckoned with. John Partridge delivered in similar style to remind something, but not quite sure what!

Young Steve McMahon stepped up to no. 2 this week with Mark off treading the European catwalk. A 3-1 win was delivered to keep the selectors happy. Ian Kerrod also rolled out a 3-1 win to give the team a clean sweep.

Now that a cosy second place is in the bag everyone’s mind has switched to the coveted first place in the league. Watch out Capenhurst the Dragons are all fired up!



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