Match Report for 13/10/2005

Dragons 1st

No report.

Dragons 2nd 4v1 Whitby 2

The undefeated steamroller that is Dragons 2, returned to HQ for its match against unbeaten Whitby, so clearly someone was going to come unstuck.

After his defeat the previous week, Pete Nickson dropped from the team, was taken under Lord Morris's wing, and could be seen getting in some valuable coaching on court prior to the start of the matches.

Dragons were surprisingly handed an initial bonus, as Whitby player Siggs, pulled a hamstring at just the thought of trying to outrun David Jack.

1-0 up, 3 points in the bag and not a ball hit.

Looking to press home this advantage, Captain Spaven was first to the court. He proved he had fully recovered from his defeat to Andy Senior, by executing a fine display of shots to coast to a 3-1 victory.

Replacing Godfrey Angove, absent with yet another medical mystery, was Ball Bursting Phil Goodhall. With the front wall plaster taking a right pounding, Phil totally bludgeoned his dogged opponent to a 3-0 win, and secured victory for Dragons.

Pressure off, Big Godfrey strolled onto court to face an old sparring partner. Like a killer whale with a seal, BG kept him interested and alive in the first two games, before taking them 10-8. He even let him win the third to make him feel in with a chance, before getting bored and taking the fourth and the match in double quick time.

At 4-0 up, a whitewash was surely on the cards as Andy senior took to the court in the final game. His opponent however had other ideas, like using both hands so to avoid any backhands. Despite racing into commanding positions in all three games, Andy couldn't find the vital game winning points, so 2hands came through to take a surprising 3-0 win and leave the match at 4-1.

With the court lights not yet switched off, Captain Spaven waved the axe on the misfiring Senior for next weeks game at Chester Rugby. He will make way for Pete Nickson, as he again try's to secure his place at the Gala Dinner, something a least Senior can take comfort from, as he is already on the guest list.

Dragons 3rd 4v1 Capenhurst 2

1. Jake Blakeman v Gary Cull 3-0 / 9-3. 9-5. 9-5
2. S. McMahon v John Elson 3-2 / 7-9. 9-5. 6-9. 9-5. 9-5
3. Mark Bryant v Jeff Warrington 3-0 / 9-7. 10-9. 9-2
4. John Partridge v M. Smith 1-3 / 0-9. 3-9. 9-6. 3-9
5. Ed Heaver v Steve Cummins 3-1 / 10-8. 6-9. 9-3. 9-5

First on Mark Bryant has a close fought first game but steadily took control and went on to win reletively comfortably with a 3 nil victory.

Next on, fresh from his jollies in Cuba, Jake Blakeman took immediate control and rarely looked like faultering. Fitness saw him criuse to a 3 nil victory also.

Steve Mc made us all wait with baited breath until he clinched the 5 game to ensure a dragons team victory.

Ed Heaver won his match 3-1, whilst John Partridge wa the only member of the team to be defeated 1-3



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