Match Report for 20/10/2005

Dragons 1st 4 V 1 Chester Rugby Club 4th (Home)

Dragons 1st entertained Chester Rugby Club 4th in a derby clash of the unbeaten titans at Wrexham Road where it was winner takes all.

First on Brian Meehan pitted his unbeaten record against also unbeaten ‘wily’ Mark Riley. It appeared that Riley’s steady play and fitness, combined with Meehan unerringly finding the tin, would pay off as he raced to a 2-0 lead, but the Dragons talismanic (or is that just manic) captain, cut out the mistakes to storm back to take a tough 3-2 victory.

Meanwhile stalwart Phil Noble, with years of experience behind him, took on the Rugby Club youth of Adil Kadar. At times it looked as though the mis-firing Phil had run out of gas, but he dug deep into that vast cave of squash goodies he has stored up over the years to conjour up a splendid 3-1 verdict.

So it was all on Jonathon Firth to save the match for the Rugby Club, but against a re-juventated Colin Elson, making Phil Noble a comparative spring chicken, he met an opponent in flying form. Colin produced winners from all parts of the court to record an excellent 3-0 win, leaving Jonathon wondering If the Florida hurricane had changed direction!

Johnny Goodall then restored some pride for the Rugby club taking a comfortable 3-1 scoreline against a Chris van Wyk who looked in need of some of the ‘Philosan’ that Colin has obviously been ‘hitting’!!

They say save the best until last, but in Peter Lee’s case it just takes that long to get him moving – which he didn’t in the first 2 games against the super fit Dave Grainger, therefore things looked a bit grim. But 117 years playing team squash has taught Peter a thing or two, and he scrapped and clawed his way back slowly and steadily to impossibly take the match 3-2 – a tremendous comeback from a true competitor, also completing a fine 4-1 win for the team.

Dragons 2nd 3 V 2 Chester Rugby Club 5th (Away)

With the two local teams unbeaten this year,it was always going to be a tough local derby, with a touch of added spice.

Captain Spaven had rung the changes from the previous week, with Godfrey Butters and Andy Senior being dropped, for Ian Roberts and Pete Nickson.

It was the latter who took to the court first in search of that "Golden Wonka" ticket that gets him to the Gala Dinner. However, everything seemed to conspire against Nicko as firstly his coach and mentor Lord Morris couldn't make it as he was jetting off to check on his Southern estate (Spain to you and me) and secondly some alleged order fixing by CR5. This saw the very talented Tony Hattersley join him on court - Only ever one winner. Dragons One down.

Replacing the beleaguered Nickson, was Dragons own "Howitzer" Phil Goodall. Playing like a man who hasn’t dropped a game this year yet, it wasn’t long before the match was tied at 1 - 1, and the remains of his opponent scraped from the walls.

With things nicely balanced, it was the Captains wildcard inclusion Ian Roberts who sought to grasp the initiative for Dragons. This turned into "grasping for straws" as he succumbed in four to the experience of his much older opponent.

At 2 -1 down, the Dragons were staring down the barrel.

Sent on to play the must win tie at No2 was "JACKO".

And what a "Thriller" this turned out to be, as both players gave it their all. Clearly both playing to a similar game plan, why win a point when you can "Beat It" for another 50 shots, things looked good for Dragons as Jacko went 2-1 up. This however spurred on his opponent, and as he won the forth the pendulum had clearly swung the other way.

CR5 were one game away from winning the match - things looked "BAD".

But never write off Jacko, he’s got out of trickier situations than this in the past!!!!!!! He preceded to "moonwalk" all over his opponent and condemn him to the "Neverland" that is defeat.

Match tied 2 - 2

With CR5 tweeking the order (allegedly), there is always a down side, and this fortunately for Dragons meant a sacrificial lamb was offered in the deciding game at No1.

He tried hard against the unbeaten (in team games!!!!) Mark Spaven, and did well to only lose 3-0.

Match won, still unbeaten and the momentum continues.

Next week sees Neston 2 entertained at "The Dragons Cave", and also sees "The Doctor" make her first start of the season.

All eyes will be on that game as she tries to secure her place at the Gala Dinner table, or will it be a table for two booking with Mr Nickson..............No pressure!!

Dragons 3rd 3 V 2 Heswall 4th (Away)

Excellent win for the newly promoted 3rd team, now in the same league as the 2nd team.

The expected winners turned out to be the duffbags, as Jake Blakeman and Steve Mcmahon went down 3-0 and 3-1 respectively.

This left the lower order to bail them out with fine wins for Ian Kerrod ‘outfitting’ his opponent and I don’t mean measuring him for a new suit, ‘ oh, suit you sir!’ - having been 2-0 down, to win 3-2, not dropping a point in the last 2 games. John Partridge as reliable as ever coming up with the goods yet again to the tune of 3-0 this week, and a great first win for Katie Sewell, 3-1, has father ‘coach’ Tony been assisting, and if not, stop playing golf and help!!



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