Match Report for 27/10/2005

Dragons 1st 3 V 2 Neston 1st (Away)

Dragons 1st travelled up the A41 this week for a tough match against the ever challenging Neston.

Giles Cook started things off and on top form he went into a 2-0 over the well nigh unbeatable Graham Lea-Swain, and it’s not for nothing that he has that legend, as he came back strongly to wear Giles down, and record a fine 3-2 comeback.

Chris van Wyk looking to improve upon last week’s dismal display did just that with a solid, workmanlike 3-1 win over Paul Grannon, meanwhile next door captain Brian Meehan was in the midst of a nip /tuck, not a facelift (that was left for Phillip Noble), but a to and fro encounter with on loan from Winsford David Hale. Meehan pulled out all the stops to take a hard fought 3-2, although it has to be said he had the ‘rub of the green’ to say the least.

Next on was the irrepressible Phillip Noble, playing Andy of dodgy knee Potter. After a tense and very close first game, which Phillip took narrowly, the afterburners were switched on and Noble roared to an impressive 3-0 victory, to clinch the match for Dragons.

Finally Peter Lee looked as though he was plastered playing Gary Davies, which indeed he was, as he had been fighting with plaster and a wall all day!! This obviously took it’s toll on Peter, who went down 3-0 in a lacklustre performance, by his own high standards.

Dragons 2nd 3 V 2 Neston 2nd (Home)

The bandwagon just keeps on rolling, with Neston the latest to attempt to halt the mighty Dragons.

With Captain Spaven reportedly meeting with Lord Morris to discuss possible transfer targets in the January window, it was another much changed team, with only Jacko keeping his place from last weeks victory at Chester.

Getting the ball rolling was "Big Godfrey" Butters, but quite frankly the squash took second place to the marking of Godfrey Angove, which is saying something when BG took it 10-9 in the fifth after an epic.

With rule books still being checked (and not just squash rules)Andy Senior took to the court to play the highly talented Brian Lingard. Defeat was quick for Senior, who has now not won a team match since he beat Captain Spaven - Spooky.

At 1-1, the returning "Doctor" took centre stage, up against "the Mummy" who she had never beaten. As both players mixed good and bad shots to exchange the first four games, it was the mummy who looked the stronger going into the fifth, and he soon raced to a 7-3 lead. "The Doctor" needed inspiration, and this came in the form of "Dinner for 2" echoing from the the balcony. Instant transformation provided the doc with 6 unanswered points, as she sent the mummy packing - with asprin to be taken twice a day.

Dragons 2-1 up.

Still debating his marking, Godfrey Angove took to the court to win the match - surely a formality as he had demoted himself to four. His opponent had other ideas, and Godfrey for once had none. The trademark flamboyant shots were cannon fodder, and Godfrey was blown away to leave the match balanced on the knife edge at 2-2.

Promoted to No1 again, Jacko fresh from his "Abs Class", sprinted onto court. What followed brought his opponent to tears, as the court was simply not big enough to find somewhere Jacko couldn’t get to. Front-Back-Left-Right nowhere was out of reach. The display reminded people of Godfrey Angove in his youth, and several comments about being a long lost "love child" of Godfrey were heard to be muttered

An excellent 3-0 win gave the match to Dragons.

With no game next week followed by matches against the other two unbeaten teams, Captain Spaven has a lot to think about.

One Final Word - Top Curry Dave!!!!!

Dragons 3rd

Believe the 3rd team won 3-2 against Cheshire County Officers 3rd but no report i



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