Match Report for 3rd/November/2005

Dragons 1st 2 V 3 Village Warrington 1st (Home)

Dragons, only one point off the top of the table, took on a strong Village Warrington at Wrexham Road this week.

Things were not looking great early on as Giles Cook battled well but was just out done by Pete Kelly in a tough 3-1 encounter. Peter Lee then took on a face from the old West Cheshire squash club days in Kevin Sands, who has obviously worn a bit better than Pete judging by the 3-0 scoreline, putting Warrington 2-0 up.

Pressure then on Dragons and doubly so for Mark Spaven stepping up from the second team, however he was never in any danger whatsoever as he didn’t get out of 1st gear in recording a comfortable 3-0 win.

So on to Dragons ol’ timer Colin Elson, who looked to be in for a tough time against the physically imposing and hard hitting Paul Bibby, however this game is not all about how hard you hit the ball as Colin showed and, with a range of touch shots and guile, he cruised through to a 3-1 victory.

Finally captain Brian Meehan staged the decider against John Morcambe and it soon became evident that whilst Morcambe had the shots, Meehan was certainly not wise! With fitness on his side, Meehan kept things going to take the first two games. As John seemed to be feeling the effects of the match it appeared all Meehan had to do was keep the rallies going to take a splendid vistory, however that didn’t seem to get through to his obviously addled brain and the third game went west. At 5-1 up in the fourth it now was surely a formality to close out the match against a ‘cream-crackered’ opponent, however Meehan managed to let this one slip through his fingers, 2-2. This final game was nip and tuck and at times it seemed John was ‘out on his feet’ and when Meehan got to 8-6 this must be it..but no Morcambe came back again showing great resolve to take the final game 10-8, and the match for both himself and the team, to inflict a first defeat on the now ‘under the moon’ Dragons side, and Captain Dufftastic!!

Dragons 2nd

No 2nd team match this week

Dragons 3rd 0 V 5 Whitby 1st (Away)

A ‘closer than the scorline suggests’ result for Dragons 3rd this week, but still ‘must do better’!!

Ian Kerrod put up a great show against the ‘all-conquering’ Mark Edwards, coming back from 2-0 down to level the match but just running out of steam in the last to lose 3-2, whilst Ed Heaver from 2-1 up was really unfortunate to go down 10-8 and 10-9 in the last two games, also for a 3-2 defeat. Other ‘second placers’ were Mark Bryant and surprisingly John Partridge, both 3-0, and a valiant 3-1 from Andy Baird



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