Match Report for 10/11/2005

Dragons 1st 5 V 0 Heswall 2nd (Home)

Dragons bounced back from last week's defeat to record a powerful victory over Heswall

Colin Elson kicked things off and in a game of mixed fortune just did enough to run out 3-2 winner over Ged Clark.

Chris van Wyk strode purposefully on court looking to display the talent honed over the years against the workmanlike Dave Beechem, but although he had looked for it he obviously didn't find it, and quickly went a game down. However normal service was resumed and Chris then ran out a 3-1 winner, although, it has to be said, in a none to convincing manner!

Next on skipper Brian Meehan against the up and coming youngster Mike Corran, and yet again the Dragons man got his money’s worth with yet another 3-2, but as opposed to last week’s unfortunate demise, he returned to winning ways against a young chap going places, and played pretty well into the bargain, much better than van Wyk!!

Phillip Noble showed touches of returning to his tip-top best against the industrious Richard Halliday, and when that tactic didn’t appear to be working any more, ‘Zorro’ Noble emerged and whacked Richard right between the eyes, in an attempt to secure victory. However after emergency repairs Richard carried on but ol’ Zorro still ran out a 3-1 winner.

Finally Giles Cook made short work of Colin Winstanley 3-0, in a match where Colin played a lot better than the scoreline suggests, but all to no avail

Dragons 2nd 1 V 4 Heswall 3rd (Away)

The mighty unbeaten Dragons travelled to second place and also unbeaten Heswall.

With no sign of any teammates on his arrival, Andy Senior was thrown on court to commence proceedings on time, and hence avoid a 20-0 default loss. However up against a very talented opponent, he stood little chance playing so far out of position!!!!!!!

Dragons 1 down.

With the arrival of the team bus halfway through Andy's game, Captain Spaven took it on himself to bring the ship back on course. A masterly display saw the child dispatched quickly, allowing him to enjoy the hosts hospitality for the remainder of the evening.

Match now 1-1

Charged with taking the initiative was Big Godfrey Butters, but despite a glimpse or two of the classic squash we are all used to, the "Butters" melted to a 3-1 loss.

At 2-1 down it was surely a formallity that the tie would be squared, as next on court was the fortunate Godfrey Angove, who as a result of Andy Senior's sacrifice, was now playing well below his usual position, so shouldn't have broken sweat.

However the reason for the teams late arrival was now becoming clear. A break-in at Angove Heights had resulted in all his designer squash gear being stolen, forcing the team bus to stop on route at the homeless refuge so he could borrow some kit.

Without the usual satin and silk next to his skin, Godfrey was all at sea and went down in three.

NEWSFLASH - BBC rename this years event "GODFREY IN NEED"

With the match lost, the remaining rubber saw Ian "Im eating with Pete" Roberts, take to the court to try and secure his place at the Gala Dinner.

He's still trying!!!!!!!!!!!!

A 4-1 loss sees Dragons slip to 4th, and with table toppers Tattenhall due next Thursday, is this a crisis in the making.

Captain Spaven acted quickly, with Senior and Angove making way for "Jacko" and "The Doctor".

Dragons 3rd 3 V 2 Chester Rugby 5th (Home)

Wins for Ian Kerrod, Mark Bryant and Jake Blakeman (3-0, 3-2, 3-1), stuffings for Steve Mcmahon and Ed Heaver (1-3, 0-3)



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