Match Report for 25/11/2005

Dragons 1st 4 V 1 Barnton 1st (Home)

Dragons took he top of the table clash with Barnton, by a quite emphatic margin to stay in first position.

Colin Elson has been showing some great form lately and, winning the first game, appeared to be carrying on. But he again used the 'I'll see what the opponent has got' tactic to allow them the next game, before running amok to stroll through to a 3-1 victory.

Giles Cook looks to be back to his awesome best, in spite of morphing into an Elvis looky-likey, with a comprehensive 3-0 win over the unfortunate Mike Cross, who played really well for little return against 'The King'.

The ever dependable Phillip Noble strode on to court next, no doubt striking fear into the heart of opponent Lee Washburn, who, determined to show what he was made of raced to an early lead, but the wily Noble pegged him back a point or two at a time, but still lost the first 10-9 !!! The many, many years of experience then saw Phillip start to take control, and when he had eased into a 2-1 lead it looked like curtains for the Barnton youth. However it was Washburn's turn to fight back, and when he did, it seemed he just had a little too much for Phillip on the night, to run out a 3-2 winner.

So it was down to Peter Lee, to try to win the match for Dragons against the non-stop John Hobley, and as it turned out Peter played like a demon, his style not suiting Hobley’s workmanlike game, and ran out with a very comfortable 3-0 win, to put Dragons into an unassailable 3-1 lead.

This took any pressure off captain Brian Meehan in his hard-hitting match with Mark Dennett, and it seemed that suited Meehan, as, although not playing at his best, he sailed into a 2-0 lead. However, either the wheels started to come off or he was trying to get his money’s worth, as Dennett quickly took the next two games, to tie the match. Would Meehan rise to the challenge, or fold like a paper napkin, obviously the former was the answer as he took the fifth game fairly easily 9-3 to complete a 4-1 victory for Dragons

Dragons 3rd 2 V 3 Dragons 2nd (Home)


The eagerly awaited first Dragons derby of the season took place amongst a cauldron like atmosphere.

Tensions were high, as the thirds showed their "win at all cost" attitude by blatantly fixing their order (and no this isn't allegedly - its a fact).

Captain Spaven clearly felt he would win no matter what team he put out, so players of the calibre of Thompson, Senior and Goodall were all rested, with and quote the Captain "much bigger and tougher games to come!"

With Lord Morris on his throne, battle could commence.

First on court, and fresh!!!!!! from his training camp in Spain, was Pete Nickson.

Winless to date, surely he would make the gala dinner as "grumpy Ed Heaver" took to the court to do battle.

Having exchanged the first two games, and being cheered on by the entire Nickson household, Pete couldn't get into his rhythm and succumbed in the next two - third team 1-0 up much to the delight of their supporting hoard.

Clearly not in his plan, Captain Spaven sent on Mr Dependable, Big Godfrey Butters, up against thirds Captain Ian Kerrod.

Given some of them victories this year, this should have been a breeze for BG, and it the first. His body then seemed to get possessed by a non-squash playing demon.

With Captain Spaven barking orders, team-mates watching in disbelief, BG lost the next two games to leave Dragons 2 looking down the barrel of being 2-0 down. Surely the pep-talk delivered would exorcise the demon.

Not at all, it got worse.....BG even handed his opponent a point, changing the "neutral referees" decision from let to stroke for his opponent......Captain Spaven passed out at this point!!

Gift excepted, BG didn't get another point....dragons 3 now 2-0 up.

With the home supporters chorus of "CAN YOU HEAR THE SECONDS SING" ringing out around the club, Captain Spaven recovered saw the scoreboard and Godfrey Angove going on court, and passed out again.

SERIOUS BIT - Before we report on Godfrey's match - Can someone please buy him some kit! If £2 can keep an african village in water i'm sure it wont cost much - THANK YOU

Up against old nemesis Phil Walton, the pressure of this must win tie never wavered him at all, some even questioned whether he knew where he was or how big a game it was.

All the shots came out, and the DRAGONS 2 supporters found their voices with endless shouts of Ole', as Godfrey teased his opponent before putting him to the sword for a fine 3-0 win. <> Match now 2-1 to dragons 3.

Things hotting up, it was time for the second string game, and on court duly walked David "im in love" Jack - straight from his Ab's class.

But whose this taking to the court, not the expected Stevie boy McMahon, but resident No 1 Jake Blakeman - nothing dodgy then.

High octane, high powered, endless rallies but....."wot no drop shots". a 15 minute first game saw Jake sneak the advantage, but this was short lived, as Jacko stepped up the pace, taking the next three for a fine win and to square the tie at 2-2.

Just proves "crime doesn't pay" - "YOUVE ALL GONE QUIET OVER THERE" was now the tune coming from the DRAGONS 2 kop end.

With his head still on the block, Captain Spaven took to the court to face Stevie boy McMahon, who for once had turned up for a match against Mark.

With Captain Spaven, sporting his new sponsors logo, JCB, he produced another masterclass and bulldozed his opponent from ball one. When the air turned blue, the dragons 3 supporters knew there was no comeback for their man and could be seen streaming to the exits.

A miserly 4 points was all that the Captain allowed as he secured this "comfortable??" 3-2 victory and 16 points.

With New Brighton the visitors next week, surely changes will be made, as the Captains heart and voice couldn't take another one of these.



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